On March 27, 2018, Lightness’s 2018 autumn and winter new product launching ceremony with the theme of “Dream of the Dream” was held in Guangzhou Oriental Hotel. In addition to showing the public the new autumn and winter underwear products that lead the fashion trend, the smart breast monitoring underwear developed by Lightness Technology, Smart Clothing Technology and Yixin Technology has undoubtedly become the crowning touch of this conference.

Smart Breast Monitoring Underwear Release


At the beginning of the conference, the VCR, which introduced breast monitoring technology, was launched in a cool way. Through the presentation of audio and video, the participants introduced the information on the original intention, design concept and technical principle of this product, which triggered the guests and the media. Enthusiastic discussion.

“Import dreams into reality and turn phantoms into miracles.” This is the theme of this conference, and it is also the beginning of the development of this smart breast monitoring underwear. Breast disease has always been the number one problem that plagues women’s health. Breast disease “early discovery, early treatment” is a dream and illusion that was once unattainable.

 Mr. Yan Yifeng, Chairman of Lightness Group, explained the intelligent breast monitoring underwear

    Nowadays, Smart Clothing Technology, Lightness and Yixin Technology have reached a strategic cooperation, integrating resources of all parties, using technology to transmit feelings, and carrying out traditional underwear textile technology and current advanced science and technology, electronic technology, new materials, medicine and other professional technologies. Convergence and efforts to create intelligent technology products that can monitor and prevent breast health. Through the 32 high-precision sensors built into the bra, the physiological parameters of the user’s mammary region are monitored in real time, and the collected data is uploaded to the cloud personal database. Through scientific data analysis and algorithms, the breast health reference is provided to the user, thereby achieving Breast disease early detection of the purpose of early treatment.

   Intelligent breast monitoring underwear catwalk scene

    However, smart breast monitoring underwear is not the first time Smart Clothing Technology and Lightness have made a relationship. Prior to this, Smart Clothing Technology and Lightness have a close strategic partnership. As the first industry chain platform for smart clothing, Smart Clothing Technology has provided Lightness with intelligent solutions for smart gyromagnetic technology, far-infrared physiotherapy technology and intelligent sports heart rate monitoring technology, helping the company to diversify its product chain. Intelligent development.

Smart Clothing Technology colleagues demonstrate live breast monitoring underwear

      In order to better assist the Lightness Group’s Smart Breast Monitoring Underwear Conference and the Autumn and Winter New Product Ordering Conference, Smart Clothing Technology has helped to provide all aspects of technical and personnel support for the Lightness Smart product line. At the trade meeting on the afternoon of the 27th, Smart Clothing Technology staff explained and demonstrated the functions and usage methods of smart breast monitoring underwear, intelligent gyromagnetic underwear and intelligent sports heart rate monitoring sports underwear for agents from all over the country. The order meeting was hot.

Hot order meeting site

      As a pioneer in the smart apparel industry, Smart Clothing Technology has mature intelligent solution standards in intelligent thermostat technology, intelligent gyromagnetic therapy technology, EMS myoelectric pulse slimming technology and intelligent motion monitoring technology. In the future, Smart Clothing Technology will fulfill its mission of “creating health and benefiting humanity”, working hard for human health and happy life, and will cooperate with more apparel companies to empower traditional apparel enterprises and help enterprises become smarter. upgrade.


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