On June 13th, the 2019 “National Volkswagen Entrepreneurship and Innovation Activity Week” was held in Hangzhou with the theme of “Gathering the Vitality and Entrepreneurship”.



During the activity week, more than 170 innovative and entrepreneurial projects across the country focused on the latest achievements of “Double Creation” and opened a “big party” for the makers.



As a leader in the smart clothing industry, Smart Clothing Technology brought the “AI Smart Private Customized Health Body Management System” to the Ningbo (Zhangzhou) Subsidiary Capital Creation Conference to present and present the big data private customized healthy body electronic skin clothing. Has attracted the attention of a large number of investment institutions.



With the rapid development of 5G, artificial intelligence technology, and IOT technology, smart clothing technology will accelerate into the apparel field. Big data custom electronic skin clothing technology, and smart clothing and human health are closely linked as a whole.



In the era of dual creation, Smart Clothing Technology will continue to focus on the design of electronic skin garments, the development of intelligent modules, the development of new textile materials, and the calculation of AI big data, based on electronics, software, ergonomics, medicine, and fiber mechanics. , nutrition, fitness and other professional fields, open a new smart clothing in the field of health.


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