March 14-16, 2018, China International Apparel & Accessories Fair 2018 (spring) co-sponsored by China National Garment Association, China International Trade Center Co., Ltd. and China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Textile Industry Branch, as the most in Asia The scale and influence of the apparel and apparel exhibition platform will also be a “smart” new life together with the Chinese apparel industry while depositing a multi-functional composite trading platform.

The clothing fair has more than 1,000 exhibitors from more than 20 countries and regions, more than 1,300 brands competing on the same stage, fighting for spring innovation, and many domestic industrial clusters with many advantageous industrial clusters, intelligent leading, and talking about the future.

In order to better understand the development trend of the industry, Smart Clothing Technology also appeared in the C109 exhibition area as an exhibitor with the purpose of communication and learning. We hope to cooperate with more enterprises engaged in smart clothing innovation to create intelligence. A new pattern of apparel development.



As a pioneer in the smart apparel industry, Smart Clothing Technology redefines apparel, making clothing not only a symbol of shame, warmth, and beauty, but a product of innovative technology and healthy aesthetics. In order to help more companies join the team of smart apparel, Zhishang Technology has mature solutions and services in four aspects: intelligent thermostat technology, intelligent gyromagnetic therapy technology, intelligent motion monitoring technology and EMS myoelectric pulse slimming technology. mechanism. Empowering traditional apparel companies and helping smart merchants upgrade.

An endless stream of visitors


Intelligent constant temperature scheme

The intelligent constant temperature garment developed by the self-developed nano-graphene new material combined with textile technology has the functions of warm thermostat and far infrared physiotherapy. The technical advantage of this solution is that it has 3 layers of waterproof and multiple safety protection. It is equipped with flexible temperature sensor and uses APP intelligent control to maintain its leading position in water resistance, safety and battery life.

Intelligent gyromagnetic therapy program

The program has a national invention patent, and the micro-spindle machine is implanted in the underwear through the intelligent control of the APP. The micro-circulation can be improved by the action of the gyromagnetic wave on the acupuncture points of the human body, and the health effect of promoting blood circulation, relieving swelling and relieving pain is achieved.

Intelligent gyromagnetic physiotherapy underwear

Intelligent motion monitoring program

-Heart rate monitoring technology

The world’s leading flexible three-electrode technology can accurately collect real-time heart rate and static ECG ECG of users. Through ECG self-construction, it can accurately analyze HRV health information and generate reports. At the same time, every step of your exercise and every sweat can be clearly recorded.

​Smart Clothing Technology CEO interviewed

-Intelligent gait monitoring technology

Using the international leading multi-electrode flexible sensing technology and six-axis gait algorithm technology, it is possible to judge whether there is a problem with the posture and gait through a pair of shoes. The gait monitoring can accurately know the sports injuries and lower body that athletes are prone to. Bone health analysis for scientific monitoring and guidance.

EMS myoelectric pulse body coating

Using the world’s leading EMS pulse technology to help users carry out scientific and efficient sports training management, the efficiency of wearing this product can be improved by 3-6 times, so as to achieve rapid fat burning and slimming effect. In addition, heart rate monitoring, body fat monitoring and other functions are available to assist with remote health management.

​Smart Clothing Technology staff introduces the muscle electric pulse slimming suit to visitors

        Consumption upgrades, new retail changes, technological innovation, ecological civilization, industrial chain restructuring, business model adjustments… More incentives and challenges are changing the apparel industry landscape. As the future of the future development of smart clothing, Smart Clothing Technology hopes to create a new ecological environment with more enterprises, and work together to create a win-win situation.


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