SG-2019 The 5th (Shanghai) International Intelligent Apparel Industry Summit Forum and Exhibition was held in Shanghai on June 17-18, 2019. Shenzhen Smart Apparel Industry Development Research Association and China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Shanghai Pudong Branch National Graphene Application Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance and many smart clothing apparel R&D enterprises and universities have attended the scene.


On-site enterprises shared and discussed the future development of smart clothing and apparel, smart wear and health management, graphene flexible batteries, 3D printing technology and liquid sensors.


As the application of flexible electronic fabrics and sensors, which are very important in the smart clothing and apparel industry, Donghua University, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Donghua University, Qingdao University, Nankai University and other universities will also develop and apply the future technology of smart textiles and flexible sensors. Did share.


As the co-organizer of the summit forum, Chen Fur, CEO of Smart Clothing Technology, also discussed with the many guests the new species under the era of the Internet of Everything.


5G brings not only speed, but a new way of life, which will open a new era of Internet of Everything, and as a second layer of electronic skin related to human body information – smart clothing naturally has the ability of data collection and the interconnection of all things. .

It can not only collect data inside our body, including body size, health information, posture behavior, emotional stress, etc., but also interact with the external data of the human body: climate environment, life track, and social information.


The electronic skin garment developed by Zhishang Technology will launch scientific and efficient health management solutions by collecting human body data information and accurately analyzing it through artificial intelligence algorithms to open a more scientific, efficient and healthy lifestyle for users.


In the 5G era, smart clothing apparel will open new breakthroughs in smart accessories, electronic textile materials, modular design, real-time interactive design, and human big data.

At the forum, the guests also discussed the problems and future development direction of the smart clothing industry. From the aspects of “politics, production, learning, research and business”, the whole industry chain of the smart clothing industry was deeply analyzed.


Smart Clothing Technology will also continue to work with colleagues in the global smart clothing industry to create a new era of smart clothing, build a smart clothing ecosystem, share new smart clothing technologies, and create a broader future for smart clothing.


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