Yesterday, Professor Xiong Zhiyong from the School of Design of South China University of Technology led the students of the School of Interaction, Electronics, Industrial Design and other majors to visit our company. As a pioneer in the smart apparel industry, Smart Clothing Technology has been committed to the development and exploration of smart apparel. This visit is to let the students out of the campus, let the theory combine practice, and truly apply what they have learned; It is also hoped that this exchange will inject fresh blood into our company and seek new inspiration and ideas for the company’s product design.


In order to better understand the cultural genes and business models of our company, Deng Huasheng, deputy general manager of Smart Clothing Technology, led the company to visit the company culture and the company environment, and told the students about the development of Smart Clothing Technology.


Office corner


Smart Clothing Technology Manager: Deng Kaosheng Explains the company culture for the students

Understand corporate culture


Smart Clothing Technology partners explain the product features to the students


Later, they led the students to visit our company’s product showroom to visit our company’s research and development products, and the small partners of Smart Clothing Technology introduced the working principle and product functions of the products. I hope that through the exchange, I can help the students in the direction of learning, and also inspire them by the product iterations from the students’ questions about the products.


Smart Clothing TechnologyCEO: Chen Lu introduces three major technologies independently developed by our company


Since the students participating in this exchange are from interactive, electronic and industrial design, these professions are closely related to our products. Therefore, in order to enlarge the income of this study tour, Smart Clothing Technology also launched a section of “Chishang Small Lecture Hall” for all students. Smart Clothing TechnologyCEO Chen Lu personally gave lectures to three of the major technologies independently developed by our company: intelligent thermostat technology, intelligent gyromagnetic technology and EMS myoelectric pulse technology and some intelligent motion monitoring technology in smart apparel applications. It is mentioned that the development and application of smart apparel is mainly the integration of sensors, new materials and traditional textile technologies. The future development requires more innovations in new technologies and research and development of new materials.


Smart Clothing Technology CEO: Chen Lu Demonstrates smart apparel products


Marketing Team Manager: Zhu Jinglun tells about the smart clothing market


Then, Song Qingyuan, the product manager of our company, told the story about product interaction design with humorous and interesting words, as well as the problems and experiences he encountered during the product process, and won the applause of the students. He said that to do a smart product, first of all, we must define what is smart, find the consumer character model and target and then make the scenario idea, and then design the top-level architecture and refine the design requirements.


Product Manager: Song Qingyuan Telling about the idea of product interaction design


Professor Xiong Zhiyong (middle) and Deng Kaosheng (left), Smart Clothing Technology CEO Chen Lu (right)

South China University of Technology students and all the group photo


Attachment: Introduction to Professor Xiong Zhiyong

Xiong Zhiyong, born in August 1979, Hubei Yingcheng, professor of design school of South China University of Technology, Guangzhou Zhujiang Science and Technology Star, Guangdong Province “Thousand Hundred and Ten Projects” school-level youth academic backbone, director of China Mechanical Engineering Society Industrial Design Branch, Guangdong Executive director and secretary general of the Provincial Engineering Graphics Society, deputy director of the Guangdong Human-Computer Interaction Design Engineering Research Center. His research interests include computer-aided innovative design theory and its applications, human-computer interaction technology and its innovative application research (such as wearable products, smart home products and other healthy and sustainable smart product development), hosted by the National Natural Science Foundation of China, and Guangdong Province. There are more than 10 projects such as academic research and vertical and enterprise horizontal, more than 10 patents granted (including 2 invention patents), 2 authorized software copyrights, and more than 20 papers published in core journals.


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